Six Stages and a lot of fun and challenge!

Stage 1

Smoke & Hope

This is the fastest stage of the whole course, 4 big square Steel plates size 40x60cm and a Stop plate of 30cm diameter at a distance of 7 to 13 meters need to be shot 5 times. The 4 best times will be granted. Due to the size of the plates shooters can go wild to getting the best time but always have to slow down a bit to shoot the Stop Plate.

Stage 2

Five to Go

A nasty stage with 4 plates of 25cm diameter standing at distances of 9-12-15 and 18 meters with a 30cm diameter Stop Plate at 7 meters just to the right. You really need to take the time to aim before shooting, especially at the farther distances.

Stage 3


A narrow shooting range filled with 30 cm Steel plates standing at distanced from 7-14 meters around the Stop Plate at 10 meters. A good tip, find you rhythm and do not change it during the 5 runs, otherwise you loos yourself in this steel Forrest.

Stage 4

Outer limits

Indeed, here you find your Limit, starting in either the left or the right box (Right handed starts left and Lefthanded starts right), you shoot the 2 targets in front of you at distances of 19 and 35 meters.

Than move to the middle box and shoot the rest of the targets. The Stop Plate at 19 meters ends the scoring time. This Stage has only 4 runs so only the 3 best runs will be counted.

Stage 5


Again an exiting stage with the big square to the far left now as Stop Plate.

Stage 6


The stage where you can shifting gears, close 25 cm and square 40 by 60 cm plates at 7meter can accelerate your shooting 20 meter downrange towards the other plate combo, coming to hold at the Stop Plate at 14 meter.

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