Ghost International Evo Ultimate

As you know, we introduced the Evo Series for the Ultimate and the One holsters at IWA.

After reviewing all the comments and suggestions we got at IWA from our dealers and customers, we decided to make a change in appearance of the Ultimate Evo.

Instead of the single color base and plate, we opted for a more colorful matte finish.

We feel it is more modern and sporty looking.

Where the competition gear is normally fully personalized, holsters are often one colored pieces of plastic and aluminum.

Ghost made the first step years ago in making the holsters as appealing as the rest of the gear and we now bring holsters to the next level.

Not only the best, fastest and safest holsters technically but also a holster that completes your competition gear in appearance.

When you order the new Ultimate Evo in either black body or red body, you will get this faceplate.

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